Profile ModuleΒΆ

Profile module helps you show a link to open Snipcart’s login in order to view order history.

In Modules section in your Joomla! back-end you find the module “CM Snipcart - Profile module” or click “New” button on the toolbar to create one.

../_images/module_list.jpg ../_images/module_profile_form.jpg

There are 3 options for this module:

  • Type: The link is text or a button.
  • Label: The label of the link (or the button). For example, “Your profile” or “Login”.
  • FontAwesome’s icon: You can show a FontAwesome icon on the left side of the label. For example you can use “fa-user” icon. You can get the icon’s class name here. If you use FontAwesome icon, FontAwesome must be loaded in CMSnipcart component’s configuration or loaded by other extensions like plugins or your current template.

When you are not logged-in, the icon and the label are shown as the login link:


When you click on the link, Snipcart’s login popup appears, you can login or register a new account:


If you are logged-in, you can see your order history:


If you are logged-in and the Snipcart’s popup is closed, you can see your email displayed in the module. Click on the link again to open Snipcart’s order history.